Construction related erosion is one of the larger issues facing the EPA, and PCA today. The sediment left by erosion can cause problems for down slope property owners, it can create a nuisance on streets, and clog storm drains. This sediment can harm and even kill streams, lakes, and sensitive water bodies, by choking off oxygen for plants and animals.

As the use of compost continues to increase, it has been found in many studies, that Mother Nature truly does know best. Compost has been proven to be more effective in reducing many forms of erosion than most of the traditionally used methods. Filtrexx erosion products are locally made from annually renewable, bio-based, organic, recycled, and natural compost products. The patentended process involves filling a mesh tube with organic materials and using this along with over 20 different compost applications for erosion and sediment control. These products are a great alternative to many standard BMP’s. These Filtrexx products are the only erosion control products that offer a true physical, chemical, and biological filtration process.