Fences in the way, or nowhere to access with equipment, no problem! Whether it be a backyard swing set, or a commercial play system at a school or daycare, we have the system for you.

WindScapes mulch products can give you a beautiful weed-free yard that your neighbors will be talking about. We supply only the best quality products for your project because there is a difference! We can also help to inform you of why our products are better than the rest. This way you can be assured that you are getting the most for your money.

Choose from any of our custom colored mulches, hardwood mulches, or cedar mulches for a beautiful ground cover, natural weed barrier and moisture conserving mulch that your plants will love.


certified playground chips

Our certified playground mulch is self contained in our trucks, thus eliminating the need to stockpile at your site. Most play areas can be re-mulched in just a few hours so the kids can get back and play.

Safe for Children

  • Playground Safety Surfacing for Soft Landings

  • Meets ASTM, ADA, & CPSC Standards

  • Non-toxic, No Heavy Metals

  • First Use Wood Fiber - No Contaminants

Safe for Schools

  • Service-Delivery on Time

  • Competitive Price

  • Consistent Quality

Safe for the Environment

  • All-Natural

  • CarbonNeutral

  • Bio-Degradable and Compostable

  • Manufactured from Renewable Resources

  • Recyclable


premium hardwood mulch

Hardwood mulches are the most economical option for consistency and durability in the landscape bed. The wood is virgin forest product without leaves, twigs, or fresh trimmings. No wood is harvested or used from any Emerald Ash Borer areas or from any dead or decaying trees. 



western red cedar

Western Red Cedar mulch is a great mulch option if you are looking for a long-lasting mulch, it decomposes slower than other products. It will fade slower than hardwoods but slightly faster than a dyed product. Other benefits of Western Red Cedar is that repels insects and mats down well. 


colored mulches

Our dyed mulches have the best color holding color technology on the market today, using specific types of wood for each color thus enhancing color absorption. Our mulches are coarser and consistent so they last longer, suppress weeds better, and do not blow around or float as easily as finely shredded products or smaller chips.

The colorant used is completely non-toxic and safe to the environment should kids or animals happen to ingest it. It also is free of processed wood fibers and recycled construction debris, which contain resins, heavy metals, and possibly paint. It is also free of pallet debris, which may leave nails behind. 



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Red Mulch.jpg